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BGC (Business Growth Consultancy)

So you’re ready for the next level of growth, how can you build on the successes you’ve achieved and break through the glass ceiling to reach the next level?

About the SERVICE

This service is for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) who are considering different growth strategies as a next step. Business growth strategy is about achieving the most with the least amount of risk and effort. Some of the typically growth strategies used include:

■ Market Penetration
■ Market Expansion
■ Product Development/Expansion
■ Diversification
■ Acquisition

Services Offered

In addition to working with you to develop and put into action any of the above, we will also work with you in the following areas:

■ Business Structure
■ Business Health Check
■ Marketing Strategy
■ Customer Acquisition Strategy
■ Strategic Partnerships and Networks
■ Identifying strategic acquisition opportunities
■ International Opportunities

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