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M&A Consultancy

Our experience in mergers and acquisitions would be invaluable to any business looking to buy or sell. Speak to us for a free initial consultation.

About the SERVICE

Over 8 out of every 10 business that engages a marketing or corporate finance company to find them a buyer will fail to sell. From experience, the number one reason why many businesses fail to sell or achieve the valuation they want is the lack of preparation of what selling a business entails. The companies are not prepared nor are the management team or shareholders.

How prepared you are will heavily influence the speed and value of the transaction. I have heard many acquirers say how much they loved a business but it would be impossible to acquire them as they are a “lifestyle business”. Buyers are not prepared to invest in acquiring the business then spend time and resources to put things right.

Some of the most common reasons why businesses don’t sell include:

■ Lack of Synergies
■ Quality of Management team and structure
■ Lifestyle business
■ Poor financial records
■ Stagnant or declining performance
■ Succession Management
■ Lack of growth opportunities
■ Over concentration of clients
■ Poor balance sheet
■ Location

Most marketing companies simply do not allocate the time and resources to ensure you are ready for the sales process, their role is simply to market your business at the earliest opportunity irrespective of how ready you are. Very few will work with the shareholders, to prepare them for meetings with a potential acquirer which can be quite daunting.

Most business owners will consider a sale of their company for one or more of the following reasons:

■ Realise their investment
■ Business life-cycle
■ Time
■ Do something different

Services Offered

IBC can assist you through:

■ The preparatory phase
─ Health check
─ Business Plan/Growth Strategy
─ Identifying key challenges
■ Valuation, Aspirations and how to achieve it
■ Preparation for exploratory meetings (dry run)
■ Facilitating meeting with acquirers
■ Negotiating terms
■ Support through due diligence until completion

Ideally, if you are considering a full or partial sale in the next 6 months – 2 years, then speak to us for a free initial consultation.

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