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Start Up/Start Right

Let's help you turn your unique ideas into a business plan and get it off the ground.

About the SERVICE

Here are some basic business statistics for the UK:

■ 660k new companies are registered every year in the UK, that is 1,808 every day and 75 every hour.
■ Over 20% of all new businesses will fail in the first year, that is approximately 132k+
■ 60% of all new businesses start-ups will close within 3 years, that is nearly 400k companies.

Why do businesses fail at such alarming rates:

─ Lack of a clear vision and goals
─ Poor understanding of the market
─ Business planning issues (none or not put together well)
─ Insufficient financing
─ Poor location (both physical and online)
─ Poor leadership skills

What can IBC Coaches bring to your new business venture and what value can be added to help you start right and achieve your goals?

■ A business coach is someone who support the business owner, as they navigate through the steps and challenges on their journey to be established. It is not a one meeting relationship, which is why our fees are not hourly base.
■ It is about working with you, the business owner, to take your ideas and business from where it is now to where you want it to be.
■ We see ourselves as your partner in this journey, not just as a sounding board but also making available access to the network of expertise we have.
■ The focus starts with the here and now, not what could have been. We help you to identify and set your desired goals and agree the most effective strategy on how to realise it.
■ Our role is to give you a different/fresh perspective, getting you to see the whole forest and not just the trees in front of you.

Services Offered

■ Idea Validation
■ Vision & Mission Statement
■ Planning
─ Business Plans
─ Market Strategy
─ Financial Forecast and Cash Flow
─ Sales Plan
─ Setting Objectives and Goals
■ Customer Acquisition Strategy
■ Build the right team
■ SWOT Analysis
■ Funding
■ Leadership
■ Execution
■ Evaluation

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