Thank you so much for facilitating, really enjoyed the session. #nowdothework

- LH (USA), 2020

Thanks so much for the session . . . I really enjoyed it.

- HL (Hong Kong), 2020

Thanks for the AMAZING coaching session last week. Got so much out of it.

- AR (Ireland), 2020

Thank you so much for all your time and energy putting together the presentation this morning. It gave me some much-needed confidence in getting my message out there! You are greatly appreciated.

- LW (USA), 2020

Thank you Mac for your great feedback and knowledge. You have given me lots to think about. Regards.

- SC (USA), 2020

I have worked closely with Mac in the past and his business knowledge is outstanding. Good luck with the group and your new business venture Mac.

- NN (UK), 2020

I have enjoyed participating in Mac's workshops. He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and his passion is palpable. He offers clear advice, supported by practical examples which makes the content relatable. He creates a comfortable yet challenging environment where we are encouraged to put in the work. I have left every session with something worthwhile to ponder. I would definitely recommend him and I look forward to future opportunities to engage.

- TC (UK), 2021

The Business of coaching course is a solid basis to start your business from. Mac taught me many things I wouldn't have thought of doing in this process without this course. The name of Mac's business 'Inspire Business Coaching' says it all... he truly inspires!

TP (Netherlands) 2021

Mac Edward’s program “Business of Coaching” was very beneficial for me as a new coach, the personal and business benefits gained were invaluable. The sessions were very knowledgeable and enlightening; they helped me plan and structure my business, clarify what is essential for me, and maximize my performance, which will help me reach my goals in my coaching business.
Mac’s caring, supportive and professional demeanor kept sessions and progress on track while guiding the program.
I would recommend Mac and his program to other coaches to help them create, develop, and be productive in their business and personal lives. Thanks, Mac, for this experience, your time, and your invaluable knowledge that you brought to each of our sessions.

- LZ (Italy), 2021

The Business of Coaching (Part 1) was such a worthwhile investment that I am excitedly awaiting Part 2. Mac led and facilitated an intimate group, allowing us to feel at ease, and inspired to share, dig deeper and exchange both ideas and encouragement. Mac’s knowledge and passion were evident through his content, delivery and probing questions which really got me/us thinking. I appreciated his reminder to be patient with ourselves yet persistent on our paths. My only wish was that each session could be a tad longer, but I understand that we use the time we have - so given more time, I would probably want even more 😊. I would certainly recommend this course, especially for coaches who are yet to grasp some key components of the all-important business side of things and those who need a nudge in the right direction.

- TC (UK), 2021

Mac was an amazing Coach, he was able to help me get clear on how to pitch my business! I would absolutely recommend Mac Edwards for you business coaching needs!

- AM (USA), 2021



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